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Tours on Kamchatka

What the tours to Kamchatka are attractive?

Kamchatka  is a unique region of active volcanoes and geysers. Nature is almost untouched by man and is preserved in its original form. On impressions it is a different planet, and stories, photos and even movies can not convey these beauty and emotions.
"Few things can compare with Kamchatka"


First of all I must say that in Kamchatka should travel with experienced guides. Firstly, it is safer, and secondly, you will see a lot more than if you poke yourselves, not knowing the local features.

According to my experience, but I have seen much, there is little that can compare to the Kamchatka. Amazing nature, landscapes, the ability to feel in some degree a pioneer - all of this, it seems to me, should attract curious people ...

... By the way, this combination - volcanoes and geysers - are found nowhere else in the world. In the same Yellowstone Park in the US there are a lot of geysers and volcanoes that's clearly not enough ...

Nikolai Drozdov for the newspaper Izvestia in 2009


Tours to Kamchatka are quite diverse: from comfortable,  with stay only in hotels and recreation centers,  to extreme climbing. This can be hiking  around the picturesque places, climbing volcanoes, rafting with fishing, sea tripon a comfortable boat, watching the Kamchatka brown bear, helicopter excursions, and in the winter-spring season - snowmobiling and descents of  the volcanoes by skis or snowboard.

Rest on Kamchatka - it is, first of all, the exotic of active volcanoes, hot springs and geysers. But all of this is at some distance from civilization. Getting to the most interesting places is possible only on the special car or by helicopter.



 Car tour is much cheaper than a helicopter. But a trip to the foot of the fire-breathing mountains takes some  time and, therefore, usually with several overnights stays in tents, while on the other hand it gives a flavor of the trip. To walk, of course, have to, but climb the volcano is not always as difficult as it may initially seem. There are routes where the journey on foot from the car to the crater of an active volcano takes only a couple of hours.


%D0%BF%D1%83%D1%82%D0%B5%D1%88%D0%B5%D1%Also there are many interesting places in Kamchatka, where it is impossible to drive even on all-wheel drive car. These include the famous Valley of Geysers, caldera of the volcano Uzon - the only helicopter tours there and take a few hours, although there may be more long flights.


In the thermal springs, which are more than 150 outlets on the peninsula, you can always take a dip and to relax after difficulties of an active tourism. Hot springs can be as wild, are like an natural fonts, and swimming pools at the bases of rest in the resort area Paratunka.


Multi-day hikings are  very popular on Kamchatka (trekkings). Such routes are almost always include the most interesting areas of the volcanic manifestations, the ascents to the craters of active volcanoes, hot springs, picturesque passes. Thus, Kamchatka is especially attractive for hiking.


Multi-day raftings are best suitable for lovers of fishing. And the farther from civilization the river, the larger and more abundant catches, although remain without a catch virtually impossible  on any Kamchatka's river.

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